Review: A cosy night out – Stories for the Coping Hearted

There’s something about storytelling that draws people together isn’t there?

As Alice Fraser puts it, “we love the idea of storytelling and it’s becoming popular again: people sitting in the dark around the fire together telling stories is very fundamental to human nature and we wanted to bring it into the modern world.”

Well they certainly did that with Stories for the Coping Hearted. Shown downstairs in the Bedlam Bar in Glebe, the atmosphere felt warm and cosy (but definitely go early and get a seat on the couch). We heard stories from Alice Fraser, James Colley, Justine Rogers and David Cunningham on a variety of coping-related angles. How can an orange can be used to illustrate fairness? Just how horribly wrong can a simple run go?

It was a shame some noise came through from other parts of the bar, the punters will feel quite silly when they read this and realise what they were missing. The storytellers were well-prepared, if not slightly nervous, with their nicely-constructed stories with warm underlying morals and dry wit. They told their stories well to our little room full of people and it was a pleasure to watch. By “full” I mean there were about 12 people but I’m sure now the word is spreading the room will fill up so grab a friend (or a stranger) and head to the Bedlam Bar.

Stories for the Coping Hearted has 5 more shows between 12 and 27 September and for only $10 it’s worth getting yourself down there (the $10 burger menu is delish too)!

Door sales are available but why risk it? Buy your tickets through the Sydney Fringe website which is also your best source on information on the other shows we have coming up, including Alice Fraser’s other show with Mat Wakefield the more comic Word Crime/Thought Crime which follows on after Stories for the Coping Hearted. Alice is keen to see Me Me Me as well so there’s another tip-off for you!

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