Review: How to get Rich

What do you do when you (possibly) meet the man of your dreams on Facebook? Well it’s obvious; you Skype date for 5 months, get a vajazzeling wax and then jump on a flight to meet him. “How to get Rich” is the ultimate pre-blind date “what if” analysis.

Set on a flight from Melbourne to London, Aleisha has an excruciatingly long 24 hours to analyse the strange predicament she finds herself in and conjure up every possible worst-case scenario about the potential love of her life, Rich. What if he has no legs! What if he’s a dwarf? Alicia confides in her fellow passengers, the quirky aircrew and even a hallucinatory Deborah Hutton on her in-flight entertainment unit.

The production oozes big names, directed by Julia Zemiro, written and performed by Aleisha McCormack (the circle, 7PM project) and a recorded cameo appearance by Deborah Hutton. This one-woman show perfectly emulates the internal conflict so many single girls find themselves in when searching for love in a new technology driven world. Aleisha wholly captures the online dating experience, from the skepticism of friends and family to the excitement of finding love tinged with the paranoia of meeting a stranger. Not even the distraction of landing aircraft over the Marrickville Sidetrack theatre could throw off the production, Aleisha simply works it into the script.

Never has a long haul flight been so entertaining, the audience was continuously thrown into raucous fits of laughter and completely absorbed by the genuine character of Aleisha.

Simply put How to get Rich is heartwarmingly witty and hilariously captures the trials and tribulations of risking it all to find love.

How to get Rich runs as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival from 19 – 22 September at the Sidetrack theatre and tickets can be purchased here.

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