Review: Tomorrow’s Weather and Other Predictive Errors

The last time I had anything to do with a German was 2 years ago when I was in Germany and I met a bajillion of them. It was January at the time and encounters with Germans occurred mainly indoors in places like pubs and restaurants, or on a stupidly-planned walking tour through Berlin in about, oh, -10 degrees Celsius.

Needless to say, I was not warm in Germany, and I left thinking my lasting impression of the country and its people would be of the cold, the ice, the snow and the snow.

I was wrong.

German-born and accented CJ Delling’s stand-up show for this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival, Tomorrow’s Weather and Other Predictive Errors, was like experiencing a hint of sunshine after a cold snap, particularly because the show was performed at 6:30pm at City Hotel so it was nice to kick back with a vino and have a laugh after being at work all day.

CJ, who is an SBS German Radio weekly satirist and has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, based the premise of her show around the idea that “humans make bad predictions”.  A novel way to look at life’s little fuck-ups, CJ ran through an array of statements made by the poorly predicted, such as “There is no reason why someone would want a computer in their home” (said by an old scientist named Ken Olsen in 1977, who obviously had no love for the ole home PC. I would google it to get more of a background on him but it might ruin the gag), and other absurd statements about the cars being a fad and rockets never leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.

All delivered in that unmissable German accent of hers, CJ also talked about the accent’s affect on her encounters with men and how awkward it was for her get baklava and balaclava mixed up. Don’t we all get those two words mixed up, though?

Although her commentary was mostly about past historical inaccuracies and her observations of life as a German fraulein living in Australia, I gave my biggest guffaw during her anecdote about voting and her run-in with the representative from the Greens whilst in Bondi, a suburb that can perhaps be considered one the most mushed-together melting pots in the Sydney. Perfectly exemplifying what it means to be a Sydneysider, you just had to have been there (or know Sydney well enough) to get why CJ reacted the way she did.

A little awkward in some parts (minor point), but overall Tomorrow’s Weather and Other Predictive Errors was the perfect hour away from the the hustle and bustle of the day, bringing you the same kind of relaxed warmth you’d get from an endearingly neurotic friend as you catch up over a cuppa. Or a plate of bratwurst, perhaps. CJ’s very lo-fi props also added to the comfortable vibe of the performance.

CJ Delling won’t leave you gasping for air from any “I can’t believe she just said that!” moments, but you will leave feeling entertained with some pretty easily obtained laughs.

CJ Delling’s Tomorrow’s Weather and Other Predictive Errors runs during the Sydney Fringe Festival on:

Thu 20 Sep, 6:30 PM
Fri 21 Sep, 6:00 PM
Sat 22 Sep, 6:00 PM



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