Want comedy? Just add water.

CJ Delling predicts the world will not end in December 2012, but cautions that no-one really knows “…anything ever”. What does she base this hunch on? “I think of that prediction like the expiry date on food products. It’s only a rough estimate. I have eaten chips from 2008 recently and I was fine.”

Feel reassured?

Her latest comedy show ‘Tomorrow’s weather & other predictive errors’ reveals some fascinating historical miscalculations to help put things in perspective. They said the car would never replace the horse. They said a rocket would never leave the earth’s atmosphere. They said it wouldn’t rain today. They say a lot of things.

Such prophetic inaccuracies offer good stock for a comedian. Though CJ seems to have a Midas touch with comic material, including the alchemy of transforming elevator silence into an opportunity to make work colleagues laugh. “In more serious gatherings of people elsewhere in the building (also known as ‘meetings’) it is really just the willingness to laugh at yourself that is required. In corporate speak one could probably say: ‘A team that laughs together, performs together.’ Now that just makes it sound like a group act.” Every office should have a CJ!

Also a cartoonist and SBS satirist, Delling is quick on her feet with witty remarks. She is easily amused and generously shares her humorous insights, saying some of her best ideas come to her in the shower. “I get my material by trying to pay attention to what is going on around me, talking and listening to other people and then it is quite a simple process: Just add water.”

Though born and raised in Germany, and having lived in Spain, France and the USA, CJ calls Sydney her ‘hometown’. She thought of herself as a “comedy nomad” until a successful season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with her debut show ‘Life is Wunderbar (Individual Results May Vary)’, after which she allowed herself the title of ‘comedian’, though others were quicker to the mark. CJ says she is “100% German and having lived in Sydney for the last 8 years, also 8.4% Australian. So you can expect a punctual, efficiently organised and quirky new show”.

This cosmopolitan comedian says she can’t wait for the festival to start, and is excited by the shows and exhibitions on offer. “Sydney – you are one lucky city to have such an eclectic festival just about to start. Well done to the Sydney Fringe Festival team, for bringing it all together!”

So what’s the forecast? CJ’s immediate hopes for the future are “that the world will not end in December 2012” and, beyond that, to “make people laugh, smile or look at things in a different way. Stand-up comedy, cartoons, radio and writing are just the beginning.” The prognosis looks good!

CJ Delling is performing in the intimate Emperor Lounge of the City Hotel, where audiences can grab a bite to eat after the show. “I always like the gigs where audience members come to you after the gig to have a chat” she says, before explaining that one audience member in Melbourne laughed so hard she was concerned he might need CPR.

So go up and chat to her after the show… and if you have a heart condition BE WARNED!

I foretell ‘Tomorrow’s weather & other predictive errors’ will draw big happy audiences. Go ahead and prove me right!

Catch CJ at the City Hotel, 349 Kent Street, Sydney

6:30pm Wednesday 19th & Thursday 20th

6pm Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd September

Cost: $16 full / $15 conc

Bookings: sydneyfringe.com or (02) 9020 6980 or at the door.

About Reilly McCarron

Reilly is a storyteller, folklore student, singer, harpist and bard. She owns a small business (faeriebard.com) and is currently writing a fantasy novel with fairytale themes. Reilly's show 'Sleeping Kingdom, Waking Beauty' is in the Sydney Fringe.


  1. I’m looking forward to seeing CJ’s show at this year’s Sydney Fringe (2014). Is this blog being published again during the 2014 Sydney Fringe?

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